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About Us

      KAINENG electronics is a professional research and development, production and sales of lithium batteries of high-tech enterprises.

Development direction of lithium battery is the high-end application orientation, to provide "stable performance, the use of safe, green environmental protection" of lithium battery products as the mission;

Companies with independent research and development of continuous innovation ability, good cost control system, response, high efficiency and high quality after-sales service, to achieve customers recognition.

Main products: lithium-ion energy storage, power battery;

Widely used in electronic equipment, medical equipment, solar system, backup power supply, transport, energy storage, mining, weapons and equipment,Bicycles, motorcycles, robots, industrial equipment and so on!

customer's features, product requirements, provide appropriate solutions and products are also available.

Our time with actively struggle the spirit, to create excellent lithium battery enterprise as the goal! With innovative technology and lead the world into the energy saving and green environment.